Systema and Personal Protection

February 17, 2017 by Mikhail Ryabko  

by Mikhail Ryabko

The basis of personal protection is freedom from illusion. The ability to realistically estimate one’s own strengths has saved significantly more lives than aiming to gain skills and techniques.

Systema teaches us to not be the cause of our own defeat, to see and have control over the development of dangerous situations, to not give up, and, ultimately, to never lose.

At the Summit of Masters seminar, we will carefully consider how to keep calm in stressful situations and how to develop this ability. We will study how to avoid becoming an object of aggression, or how to rid yourself of fear, anger and tension. We will train to move and strike with clear purpose, to dissipate the evil intentions of the attacker, to gain inner tranquility and create a safe environment around us.

Mikhail Ryabko Colonel Mikhail Ryabko is a Systema founder and chief international instructor.