Camp Fund

Systema Camp. Yours to Share.

Camp Fund is a program started in 2016, initiated by a few dedicated Systema instructors. It is designed to sponsor persons who wish to attend a Systema Camp, but are currently not able to pay the full participation fee.

Camp Fund is created in the memory of a Systema HQ Toronto instructor, Alexei Proger. Alexei tragically passed away in January 2014. A gifted artist, sincere friend and brother in Christ, Alexei was teaching both adult and youth classes at Systema HQ Toronto for over 10 years, he participated in numerous Systema seminars and camps, generously sharing his knowledge and skill. He was an inspiring example of positive character, kindness, talent, and devotion to Systema.

How to Help

If you would like to sponsor an applicant, please fill out the Camp Fund Sponsor Form. Be sure to select the extent to which your name and/or company will be anonymous or public. Any contribution amount in any method of payment is accepted and appreciated.

How to Apply

If you are a Systema practitioner wishing to apply for the Camp Fund sponsorship, please fill out the Camp Fund Applicant Form. Your eligibility will be reviewed and we will do our best to allocate funding to the most suitable candidates.

For any questions:
call 905-881-4711 or email

Camp Fund Contributors list, last updated July 26th, 2018:
Name (optional) School or Company Name and/or Location (optional)
Mikhail Ryabko Systema HQ Moscow
Pete Rogers Systema Kingston
Antonio Arancio Systema Vasiliev Hong Kong
Mark Zamarin Park City Aiki-Systema
Systema student Maine, USA
Blair Kasouf Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada
Chuck Cabrera Raritan Valley Systema Study Group
Systema student Virginia, USA
Matt Hill Systema Academy UK
Systema HQ student Toronto, Canada
Systema student District of Columbia, USA
Systema student Malaysia
Dean Foster Systema Portland
Remco Robinson Netherlands
Systema student Illinois, USA
Takahide Kitagawa Systema Tokyo
Ryo Onishi Systema Osaka
Systema HQ student Toronto, Canada
Systema student New York, USA
Hoy Chan and Eric Torres, Systema HQ Toronto instructors Toronto, Canada
Milton Haynes California, USA
Systema student New Jersey, USA
Vasiliy Makhrov New York, USA
David Merrell, producer of Systema training knives Palm Beach Russian Martial Art
Systema instructor Florida, USA
Adam and Brendon Zettler, Systema HQ Toronto instructors Toronto, Canada
Systema student Ontario, Canada
Systema student Oregon, USA
Systema fan Ontario, Canada
Emmanuel Manolakakis Fightclub
Systema HQ student Toronto, Canada
Systema instructor USA
Systema student North Carolina, USA
Systema student Hong Kong
Forge Bilal Toronto, Canada
Joe Myers California, USA
Systema student French Guiana
Systema student New York, USA
Gavin Westermann Toronto, Canada
Systema student Toronto, Canada

Total amount collected, last updated July 26th, 2018:


Camp Fund scholarship recipients
Awarded as of July 26th, 2018

Lima, Peru:

Sao Paulo, Brazil:

Toronto, Canada:

Texas, USA:

Toronto, Canada:

New York, USA:

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