Breath of Camp

March 13, 2012 by Systema Headquarters  
Breath of Camp

Sweat drips down my face
While my heart pounds
Surrounded by the woods
And unfamiliar sounds

Grunts of hard work
And feelings brand new
I’m enclosed by an atmosphere
Known only to a few

Yet through the smiles
It came with me here
A persistent presence
It doesn’t disappear

Coursing through me
Taking over my veins
It holds me back
And it deepens my pains

An everyday battle
I fight for control
I fight for the peace
In my mind and my soul

Tormented severely
I need to rid this force
It’s why I came here
Why I took this course

My body is so rigid
My breath is on pause
I’ve been denying air
Without a valid cause

After all the hard work
At last, the hammer hits the nail
The bitter tension leaves
As I finally exhale

I learn from the masters
To survive and believe
Vladimir and Konstantin
Taught me to breathe

(written by a Systema student)