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Dynamic Joint Breaks (DVD)
8 customer reviews
Vladimir Vasiliev of the Russian Special Operations Unit, renowned co-founder of Systema Russian Martial Art, reveals the professional methods of Dynamic Joint and Limb Destruction.

These proven tactics emerge from no-second-chance, life and death encounters. These tactics are done on the move and impact both upper and lower limbs. Calm, subtle, precise; they permanently eliminate your opponent's capacity to do any harm.

With step-by-step instruction and real time demonstrations, this film is so easy to follow, learn and even teach to others!

Vasiliev uncovers the three training elements you need to gain control and prevail. He presents a limitless variety of impeccable techniques, along with smooth and effortless movements.
See how he utilizes only his body position and intelligent force while his opponents fall broken in body and spirit.

Learn what it takes to create advantage when there are no conventional options left.

Own the hidden power taught in Dynamic Joint Breaks!

1 hour 20 min.

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Customer Reviews
by Edward Harcourt, May 11, 2009
Do all the drills and games.

Valdimir shows you how to be creative with eblow and knee breaks and he teaches you have to pratice safely learn quickly and have fun.Dynamic Joint Breaks is one more excellent need to have tool for the tool box.


Very good stuff.
I am in a military police instructor, my specialty are guns.
by Mr Anonymous, November 26, 2008
I am a black belt in ninjutsu, jujitsu.
Since I bought this video, I was shocked. It is practical, fast and clean.
All I request is give me more.
Fluid movements, justifying the title.
by Victor Jose Machado Jr., October 11, 2008
I liked it: worth watching!

Although you can understand all the explanations, I think it would be a great improvement if next videos from Systema come with subtitles ou spanish spoken option. Foreign customers would be pleased and grateful. Also, allowed the suggestion, some few more scenes with "slow motion" should increase interest for
most martial arts enthusiasts.

Sincerely yours,

Victor Machado
The material presented is found in many other martial arts but it is the way that it is used that makes it unique and typical for Systema.
by Koen Vandersteene, October 03, 2008
In Dynamic Joint Breaks everything's done while moving and Vladimir teaches you to always look for the next joint as a target. Great instructional dvd and easy to study.
People are like birds. Indeed.
This film is truly exceptional in many aspects & stands far apart from other relevant instructional & demo materials.
by Sergey Makarenko, September 16, 2008
‘Dynamic joint breaks’ is a remarkable illustration of already traditional for Systema & still revolutionary for other arts approach to accelerated development of practical combat tools.

Brilliant simplicity of effective opponent control offered by Vladimir Vasiliev in ‘Dynamic joint breaks’ is delivered in a comprehensible format & requires no training background even for immediate application.

Without exaggeration instructional progression contains no deficiencies typical for traditional training methods:

- Memorization is not required - furthermore it’s counter productive. Mind locked on specific technique is subjected to a dangerous tunnel vision effect & associated tension.

- Dynamic precision essential for effective joint manipulation is easily obtainable & requires no special training or background.

- Extend of an opponent control is purpose driven & adaptable to situational variables: armed, multiple opponents, aggressive environment, etc.

Usual for V.Vasiliev films exceptional combination of clear instructions & brilliant improvised demo are proven to produce impressive learning curve for practitioners of various proficiency levels.

The ‘Dynamic joint breaks’ represents much more than another long awaited addition to Vladimir’s award winning video collection. Magnitude of the selected subject, quality of the presented material & proficiency of assisting students indicate enormous amount of committed work of the talented Master & gifted Teacher.

That work & any outcome of it are priceless while we’re fortunate to have a piece of it wrapped in plastic.
What I like about this video is that in one movement of the attacker, you can break his knee and elbow instantly.
by Jayson Feldman, August 13, 2008
Your eyes become open to the possibilities…
Very rare to see such smooth transition from one attacker to the other, very subtle, real professional moves, keep up the great work.
Very easy to study and apply all the movements you can see on this DVD.
by Nick C., August 13, 2008
This movie makes it fun to watch and learn at the same time.
What amazed me is the short demonstration at the end by Vladimir’s students, not only Vladimir can work so well but so can his students. It is good to see a different take on the training by showing the great and interesting work.
Only one thing with this movie, it ended so quickly…
Awesome release.
This DVD is unique in that it almost entirely centers on a single combative concept.
by Marc Bresee, August 05, 2008
This work is so fundamental, so functional and so beautiful, and it is easy for the mind to grasp since it is natural and intuitive. An attacker cannot reach out, push, punch or stab without putting their limbs at risk. It requires no strength to take the opponent's limb because he freely gives it. This is somewhat true of Systema theory in general but in this case it is so easy to see and use.

The principle works by fulcrum and lever. Whatever the attacker extends becomes the lever. Wherever you support becomes the fulcrum. The weight being leveraged is the body. The body is gently directed by the lever if you go slowly. But if you want to damage a joint, the body is a dead weight that can’t move fast enough.

In the course of training with this material one learns to find the fulcrum and lever very easily. This allows a joint extension to be applied quickly and smoothly. And this makes joint-trapping and hyperextension a very functional part of a hand-to-hand combat system. One can even accentuate the attackers offering with a little tug to extend him further. Or push the body away gently to start an opposing wave to straighten the arm and make the work more effective. It works equally well against an attacker with weapon in hand – perhaps better as he is somewhat weapon-fixated.

Joint extension can be adjusted for a variety of results. If one applies it in a small dose it can simply stop a person, or it can be used to move and steer them. And taken abruptly to its extreme, it can destroy the joint and leave them momentarily preoccupied with internal problems. It provides a whole continuum of physical conflict resolution in a single and simply attainable concept. And this works in every dimension. You can work up, down, and sideways. You can work from the floor with someone attacking downwards or standing with someone attacking upwards. It works for head grab, waist grab or attack on the legs. Whatever the opponent reaches for, there it is. And any part of the body can be used for a fulcrum point, as can another opponent, or a nearby object. It works on legs too.

Due to the simplicity and effectiveness, It is very appropriate for multiple attackers. A broken arm can occur in a split second, like falling into a hole, almost as fast as you can pass by. This would give almost any attacker something to think about, hopefully eliminating them and quickly reducing the group. It is very easy to discover greater efficiently with group work. The complexity of the crowd brings out the skill of applying force with any part of the body, whatever is closest.

This DVD is an essential part of the Systema library. The work contained within could be a fighting system all in itself… even without the rest of Systema’s storehouse of treasures. This is definitely a weapon you will want to develop.

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