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Zettler Twins - Fluidity and Power

2-day exploration of Systema principles - from foundational to advanced - with a view to transforming your personal understanding and practice. Themes include:

- enhancing mobility and freedom of movement
- 'opening' the body for vibrant health and explosive power
- developing 'heaviness' in the hands and fists
- dynamic joint breaks and whole-body controls

Advanced early-bird pricing starts at $200 for both days.
20% discount for certified Systema Instructors


Aprende a golpear y patear estando en el suelo, en una situación dinámica. Contra uno y varios atacantes, a manos libres y con cuchillo.
Escuela Oficial Afiliada Systema HQ
Dirigido a civiles, FF.AA., policia, resguardos y serenazgo. Para hombres y mujeres desde los 13 años. No se necesita experiencia en artes marciales. Llevar cuchillo de entrenamiento (hoja rígida, sin filo y punta redondeada)


Explore the strategies for prevailing against the handgun at various distances and on contact, including movement, disarming, and deployment. (U.S. Citizens and Legal U.S. Residents only)

Join Senior Instructor Kwan Lee for this in-depth 4.5-hour workshop in Seattle. No experience necessary.

Knife in Contact

Exploring knife defense options when your attacker has initiated the assault with a grab or strike. Material is from the Dominican Republic seminar in 2017.

Dynamics of Ground Work

Systema approach to the scenarios of confrontation on the ground, single or multiple attackers.

Seminario Systema

WhatsApp: 994963307

Dictado por Diego Betous, instructor oficial Systema Headquarters Argentina.
Organizado por la escuela oficial de Systema Headquarters Peru.

Adam & Brendon Zettler - Dynamic Power Seminar Amsterdam


Dynamic power - groundwork, strikes, kicks, knife , stick, multiple attackers and more. This will be a great boost for your martial art training!

Please check our website for more information

Systema Beach Brawl

¨ Focus: Foundation drills that focus on specific body skills, concepts, connectivity and awareness

¨ Training Format: will be to focus on a specific skill/concept slowly at first, increase the intensity with the next drill or two then fight/spar focusing on that skill

¨ Repeating the process with each new skill/concept introduced

¨ This will be a fight intensive event….hence the brawl in the title

¨ By the end of the seminar you will have a box full of skills/concepts.

Seminar in Victoria with Yuri Minski

Systema seminar with Yuri Minski, an experienced instructor from Systema HQ Toronto.

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South American Boot Camp

Four days in the wild outskirts of Cali training all aspects of Systema. The camp will be given by some of the most important instructors in South America from 5 different countries: Nelson Wagner (Brazil), Sandro Reghellin (Perú), Diego Betous (Argentina), Carlos López Alban (Colombia), Angel Roque Calderón (Ecuador).

Food, accommodations and transport from Cali to the camp are included in the fee.

Power at close range

In this unique 2 day workshop Martin will show us how to produce power in close range.
Street Boxing and Systema.
Striking in different ranges and how to receive hits to the body.
The Seminar is open for everyone, beginners and pros.
No matter what martial arts style you practice, don't miss this event.

Power and Freedom with Kwan Lee in Sicily

Power and Freedom:

You will learn how to:

- generate power on the move
- hide movements within other movements
- see, understand, and utliize density
- develop precision of movement
- cultivate a survival mindset
- dynamically control impact of strikes and pain
- apply slow-work principles at higher speeds
- develop effortless but deep strikes
- prevail against knife attacks and multiple opponents