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Systema Seminar in Hong Kong Guest Instructor, Hoy Chan from Systema HQ Toronto

May 6, 2017 2pm - 8pm
May 7, 2017 10am - 4pm

Training - the Seminar will explore several topics and concepts:
*   Learning the principles of breath control to eliminate tension      while expanding awareness of internal/external relaxation          states.
*   Exploring the foundation of fluid and dynamic movements          that will facilitate subtle joint breaks with single or multiple          attackers.
*   Building aliveness and creative power in your movement

Fighting On The Move

A 5-hour seminar on Fighting On The Move with H2H Tactics chief instructor David Mundi

Some topics to include:

Movement and Evasion
Short Work
Joint Breaks
Multiple Attackers

Great for existing students to learn new skills and for those curious about Systema.

No experience required, all styles welcome.

Suitable for Men and Women. Minimum age to attend is 16.

Power from Within

Systema Aros proudly present Ryo Onishi
Please join us in Aarhus this summer for this amazing seminar opportunity.
During this seminar Ryo will present Systema unique fundamental bodyskills.

1. Entrance to the internal world
2. Calmness in movement
3. Movements that relax you
4. Making connection with your opponents

Strikes: Soul meets Body

One day Seminar ojn Strikes.
Learn to Hit Different!
Teachings from Toronto HQ Vladimir Vasiliev
Instructor: Patrick van het Nederend

Systema vs Blades by Brendon Zettler

Combining Systema Principles
Top Systema Instructors and methods of Stress Inoculation Training to develop situational awareness and autonomous level response to weapons threats.
Involving knives and small edged weapons in real training venues such as inside and around the vehicle, alleyways, confined spaces, and more.

Adam Zettler Seminar - July 1st & 2nd, 2017

Systema Japan is excited to announce that Adam Zettler will be coming back to Japan to teach a two day seminar in Tokyo!
Early bird discount ends on June 9th, 2017.
Early bird payment for international visitors possible by PayPal.

Systema twins in Oslo

Two days of intensive learning and demonstrations with Adam and Brendon Zettler.