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Natural Movement/Self Defense Louisville, Kentucky

Join us as Andrey Patenko visits Louisville, Kentucky for the First Time! There are several sessions available for both Adults and Kids. You can enrol in them individually or save money by signing up for multiple events. Whether you are an experienced martial artist or just starting out, come on out and learn something new and have a bit of fun in the process. Any 3 Teen/Adult events $165 before February 17th ($55), $195 before March 10th ($65) and $225 before March 17th ($75).

Fighting in the water - Combattere in acqua

Combattere in Acqua. Immagina di essere tenuto sott'acqua mentre un avversario ti calpesta la schiena. Per aumentare le tue chance di sopravvivenza è indispensabile non lasciarsi prendere dal panico e dalla paura di affogare. In questo seminario imparerai a gestire tali terribili situazioni, ad evitare il panico, a mantenere il controllo e a difenderti efficacemente in acqua.

Clothing and Improvised Weapons

Over two days Saturday and Sunday explore: Limitation and advantage of clothing, Control with clothing, Escapes from grabs/holds, Hiding your movements with clothing, Use of ever day objects for offense and defense, Team work (time permitting). Other topics will be presented on the day dependent on groups progress. This seminar is suited to all levels of experience and all topics presented can be integrated into your existing martial arts.

Striking with Purpose

Systema Twin, Brendon Zettler, will be making his way back to Rhode Island, April 6 & 7, 2019. This seminar, we will be exploring and going deeper in understanding the unique concepts of Striking that Systema has to offer. Brendon will share his in-depth knowledge from having trained directly with Vladimir Vasiliev and as one of the main Sr Instructors at Headquarters. You can register at

Emmanuel Manolakakis in Nantes (western France)

Emmanuel will be back in Nantes for an exceptional 2-day seminar - 6/7 April 2019. Systema Atlantique school will be honoured to host him again. Among the topics : ground fighting, short work, knife and stick work. Feel free to join us, to come to Nantes :)

Sword Day

A day of sword training from a Systema perspective. The day will include: - movement with a blade - defence / attack drills - cutting drills - free sparring A chance to experience and explore the roots of our hand to hand work!

Martin Wheeler Systema 4 days intense Seminar Austria

The-KKA Austria Celebrating our 5th anniversary with Martin! Martin Wheeler has 20 years in Systema and a further 20 years in Kenpo, Boxing, Judo, BJJ, Kali and Street Fighting. Four days of intense training with Martian Wheeler, one of the experienced instructors of Vladimir Vasiliev. Not to be missed. Limited space to only 35 participants.


BROADEN YOUR HORIZONS WITH THIS OPPORTUNITY TO TRAIN WITH SOME OF THE TOP SYSTEMA INSTRUCTORS ON THE EAST COAST Andrey Patenko, Pasquale Antonio, Glen Murphy, Arseniy Grebnov AND Special Guest West Coast Systema Instructor, Martin Wheeler Register now at PayPal. Select - Send to: $250 Before April 1st $275 After April 1st $300 At the door (in cash) $225 for SYSTEMA INSTRUCTORS

Living Systema Camp in Wiltshire UK

5 Day Camp in the Wiltshire Countryside with Matt Hill. Covering all aspects of Systema, health, healing, combat, emotional management plus outdoor skills. A deep immersion leaving you with increased skill, improved health and sense of wellbeing.

Find your freedom - Systema Forest Camp Sweden

Arvika Dojo is glad to host Ryo Onishi for the first time in Sweden. During 5 days we will train our mind and body to find our freedom. Breath, relax, train and enjoy camp life in the Swedish forest far away from every day trouble. All inclusive transport from Oslo airport and meals.

Strike, Stick & Ground in Japan

Menamy returns to Japan for 7-day combat seminar in Osaka & Tokyo focusing on internal relaxation, structural power & dynamic movement.


Global Combat SYSTEMA is proud to host, for the 1st time in France, Ryo Onishi! During this seminar, we will build the body and the mind to be able to give an ASYMMETRICAL RESPONSE to our opponent, and thus, to be free and unpredictable, explained by the sentence: "Don't let your opponent define your defense."

Full Immersion Systema Camp

Australia's first Systema Camp. Experience Full Immersion over four days with world class instruction from The Systema Twins. All inclusive meals, accommodation and training. Disconnect from the every day. Breathe, Relax, Move, Train, Immerse yourself.