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Systema-Learned 2017 with Emmanuel Manolakakis

Systema-Learned Seminar 2017
With Emmanuel Manolakakis

Limited Spaces Available
Find out more and reserve your spot today by visiting:

Systema 101

Hosted by Buffalo Systema.

The seminar will cover the basic principles of Russian Martial Art.

Evade, Escape, Prevail

A 5 hour workshop on how to prevail in situations whilst movement is restricted against various attacks and holds

Some topics to include -

Working whilst restricted (feet/legs)
Working whilst seated
Ground movement and evasion
Escaping holds
Weaponising the body
Short Work & Striking
Breathwork to control fear

Great for existing students to learn new skills and for those curious about Systema.

No experience required, all styles welcome.
Suitable for Men and Women. Minimum age

Walk in the Woods 2

Covering in-depth training in combatives and blade work.
We will also be studying three specific types of mindset, how to access them and the pros and cons of each.

Due to the nature of training, this workshop is restricted to people who have previously trained / are known to us.

Sergey Ozereliev seminar in Nantes

Seminar Sergey Ozereliev in Nantes, France
Many Systema topics (ground work, leg work, strikes, knife...)
Join us !

First Two days East Coast Systema Schools Summit

All East Coast Systema Schools and Systema Instructors are invited to participate and train in this 2 day non-stop training event.
Bring your Systema students to expose them to the great community of Systema. If you would like to teach at the seminar, please contact Andrey Patenko
Go to Paypal: Select - Send to
Systema Students - $ 150 Paypal Registration.
Instructors In Training - $75 (50% off) Paypal Registration, Instructors Free of charge!!

SYSTEMA: The Ultimate Fighting Principles by Ryo Onishi

Ryo Onishi, head instructor of SYSTEMA Osaka, is coming to Yogyakarta for a 2 full days workshop.

The topics covered are as follows:

DAY ONE - Ultimate Strength Development

- Introduction to SYSTEMA strikes
- Using every part of your body as a weapon

DAY TWO - Ultimate Combat Efficiency

- Resilient body structure
- Dealing with stronger opponent

-Optional cultural tour and accommodations bonus are available for a limited number of SYSTEMA students / instructors

Systema Seminar in Hong Kong Guest Instructor, Hoy Chan from Systema HQ Toronto

May 6, 2017 2pm - 8pm
May 7, 2017 10am - 4pm

Training - the Seminar will explore several topics and concepts:
*   Learning the principles of breath control to eliminate tension      while expanding awareness of internal/external relaxation          states.
*   Exploring the foundation of fluid and dynamic movements          that will facilitate subtle joint breaks with single or multiple          attackers.
*   Building aliveness and creative power in your movement

Strikes: Soul meets Body

One day Seminar ojn Strikes.
Learn to Hit Different!
Teachings from Toronto HQ Vladimir Vasiliev
Instructor: Patrick van het Nederend