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Systema Outdoors Mini Camp with Adam and Brendon Zettler

Masters of Russian Martial Art Systema presenting improvised hand to hand defensive and offensive tactics and skills needed to overcome an opponent in any environment and terrain including forest, dirt, sand and water. Ancient Russian warrior healing and rejuvenation methods using PRAVILO will be offered to help restore energy and heal old injuries. Camp atmosphere and camaraderie. Beginners and experienced martial artists are welcome!


Prepare yourself for a non-stop 3 day outdoor survival training program located in beautiful Central Pennsylvania in a modern campsite. Experience a full spectrum of reality based defensive and survival tactics and techniques from start to finish. All surroundings will be utilized - the lake, hiking trails, open fields and forest for developing these skills and many more. Wilderness Survival Training - Map Navigation -finding your way and Fire Building/First AID. Contact Andrey for full info!

Sergey Makarenko - The Mountain Comes South

Anyone who is serious about Systema knows Sergey Makarenko. Everyone admires him but most don’t get the chance to train with him. Hit Heavy. Move Soft. Finish Your Job… and have fun while doing it. That’s Sergey. Get to know him and learn even more. Join Systema Greenville for another Systema seminar. This is the one you won’t want to miss. Register early for early bird pricing.

Back from Toronto HQ part 2

During this seminar I will cover the work we did during the Back from Toronto HQ part 1, but would like to share more of what i have learned during my stay in Toronto. The themes that will be covered are groundwork, breathwork, strikes and movement.

Survival Seminar with Pete Rogers

Systema Combat Training


Form and Flow

Hosted by Systema Tasmania. A full days training covering - Fundamentals of form & structure - Continuity of movement - Weaponisation of the body - Short work. Cost - $60. Suitable for all levels and those new to Systema.

Striking Distance with Kwan Lee in San Antonio, TX

San Antonio Systema is excited to welcome back Systema Instructor Kwan Lee from Systema Seattle for an exciting 2-day seminar. Kwan is a highly sought-after instructor with a deep and rich background in Systema and other martial arts making this seminar a ‘must attend’ event for both Systema practitioners and practitioners of other Martial Arts.
This seminar is geared to teach improved movement, striking and an overall better grasp of Systema concepts for self-defense.

Immersion 2018 - The Slavic Tradition for the 21st century

Due to last year's success we will repeat the immersion this year! It will be an incredible opportunity to train Systema during a weekend in rural and bucolic environment.

It will be a unique opportunity to deepen your training.

The program includes techniques of breathing, self-confidence, development of perception for self-defense, phobology (study of fear), combat in rural environment, night combat, combat and defense.

Power and Precision - Ryo Onishi

H2H Tactics is very proud to announce our 2018 annual international Systema event to be held with world class instructor Ryo Onishi. Ryo is a SYSTEMA Instructor from Osaka, Japan with more than 20 years of experience in Japanese Traditional Martial Arts & 18 years of experience in Russian Martial Art. Ryo regularly trains with both Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasilliev. Over two days (and one evening), Ryo will show us key skills required to develop power and precision to your System.

Fear to Freedom with Kwan Lee

Systema Noosa is proud to announce: We have booked - Kwan Lee for a 2-day Seminar in Noosa, Queensland, Australia on February 2nd & 3rd, 2019! Come for a holiday in one of Queensland's most beautiful location, while you train.

Noosa is an Australian resort area on southern Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Known for its heavy surf, Sunshine Beach is backed by cafes and boutiques. A coastal trail runs north past the beaches of Noosa National Park, home to koalas around Tea Tree Bay. South of the Noosa Everglades, kayaks and sailboats dot the waters of Lake Cootharaba. Inland, Lake MacDonald has the Noosa Botanic Gardens, plus an amphitheatre.

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