What the Experts say about Russian Martial Art

Never have I been exposed to a more complete system of defense than that of Russian Martial Art, operated by Mr. Vasiliev.

Colin Greenaway Defensive
Tactics Instructor And Police Officer In Ontario

I was so impressed by Mr. Vasiliev's skill, that I've done an eight hours flight to come to Toronto from Paris and believe me it was worth it!

Jerome Kadian
Personal Bodyguard To The Royal Family Of Saudi Arabia

In the 25 years of martial arts, I have not seen and doubt that I will ever see this level of mastery! I wish I could scream across the whole country and tell everyone that they should open their eyes to this new art.

Steve Boone
Staff Sergeant (Retired)
U.S. Marine Corps (Vietnam, South Korea, Japan)

Mr. Vasiliev's techniques and inventive methods of overcoming every conceivable attack are beyond belief. Once you understand how he does it, you can too...you would be able to take on everyone you know, everyone they know, and those you haven't met in a dark alley one night. If they ever come up with a Hall of Fame for this, they would make Mr. Vasiliev a member and then seal the doors.

U.S. Marine Corps

As an experienced martial artist, The System has provided me with a greater knowledge of body mechanics not used in other styles. The System's use of natural body movements allows me to incorporate and train officers to better equip themselves against a combative prisoner.

Robert Rutledge
Certified Police Instructor
St. Matthews Police Dept., Kentucky

Definitely more practical than other tactics we learned. Amazing practical experience, VERY USEFUL. Excellent information, both useful and interesting. Awesome training should be incorporated into cadet / officer DT. Need more of stuff like this. Recommend this to the entire department. Excellent common sense training. I feel that the department needs to teach this, because it is a more dynamic technique, which relates to our job. I loved it and want more! Fantastic.

SPO Amanda Lewis
#4969 Assistant Field Training Coordinator/Instructor
Austin Police Training Academy