Seminars by Vladimir Vasiliev

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Summit of Masters in Rome

THREAT CONTROL presented by Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev.
Control any threat to yourself or to those you are protecting

Freedom of movement as a result of breathwork
Short and stealth strikes
Evasions from holds
Weapons disarming
Control of opponents at various distances
Subtle escapes from collisions and from the lines of attack
Conflict dissipation
Awareness and pre-emptive work
Team work for aggressor neutralization
Tactics of restraining
Psychology and control of emotions

An additional day of sightseeing with the masters in Rome.
The day after the seminar, on Monday, March 13th please join Mikhail and Vladimir for a day of visiting holy places in Rome. A bus with a professional tour guide and translator will take our group to a few wonders of faith and history, as well as a lunch together.

The approximate fee to join the tour is 40 Euro including lunch.
Let us know if you are interested at:

ALL THINGS KNIFE by Vladimir Vasiliev

- Knife disarming and application at all distances, positions and stages of aggression
- Psychology of the defender and the attacker
- Ability to move, spontaneity, and techniques
- Knife slashing and short distance control
- Sparring with the training knives
- Unique defense from hand-to-hand and from knife attackers
- Defense against knife with stick, empty hand, clothing...etc.
- Fighting skill, relaxation techniques and development of a professional mind

Systema Event of the Year!

Complete Systema training with Vladimir Vasiliev & Systema HQ Toronto instructors.
Details coming soon.