Seminars by Vladimir Vasiliev

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ALL THINGS KNIFE by Vladimir Vasiliev in Belgium

- Knife disarming and application at all distances, positions and stages of aggression
- Psychology of the defender and the attacker
- Ability to move, spontaneity, and techniques
- Knife slashing and short distance control
- Free work sparring with the training knives
- Activation drills for arms and body
- Unique defense from hand-to-hand and from knife attackers
- Defense against knife with stick, empty hand, clothing...etc.
- Fighting skill, relaxation techniques and development of a professional mind

PARAMETERS OF POWER by Vladimir Vasiliev in Toronto

Complete Systema training with Vladimir Vasiliev & Systema HQ Toronto instructors.

What are the sources of power for your training and fighting skills?
Vladimir will guide you to take a new look at your knowledge and potential.
He will help you discover and develop the resources of your spirit, mind, and body.

For beginners and advanced martial artists.

Instructor evaluations and renewals at the event.

Low price lodging and meal packages available.

Experience and enjoy the true ASCENDANCE IN SYSTEMA!

Early spring registration discount is on now.

Vladimir Vasiliev in Nantes, France

QUANTUM OF SKILL by Vladimir Vasiliev in Windsor, UK

Blade Control & Improvised Weapons