Seminars by Vladimir Vasiliev

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Breath & Bodywork

Systema offers unique drills to raise your athletic abilities, overcome stress and fatigue, to accelerate recovery, and enhance your life.

Vladimir Vasiliev in Moscow, Russia

Awareness. Speed. Power. Vladimir Vasiliev in Switzerland


There are specific exercises that teach our body to sense danger. In this seminar, you can study your awareness and reactions to danger and practice to improve your chances of survival.


There are 3 types:
- Learning speed, used to examine the movements while training and to find deep mistakes that are hidden behind quick movements
- Mid speed, when the concept is understood and the application of it begins
- High speed, when there is no conflict between the body and the psyche

Tension makes the speed uneven, while speed without tension becomes a steady acceleration. Not only steady, the acceleration is subtle, not noticeable to the opponents.


There are a number of sources of power for your training and fighting skills.
Power can be accumulated in various body parts, such as fists, it can be moved through the body.
Power forms when the distance is right and when there is no fear. Power should be generated not from tension but from the freedom of movement.

Vladimir Vasiliev in Tokyo, Japan - Awareness. Speed. Power

One day only

Vladimir Vasiliev in Bratislava, Slovakia

Structure of Systema - Vladimir Vasiliev in England

Vladimir Vasiliev in British Columbia, Canada

Train to Prevail - Vladimir Vasiliev in Oslo, Norway