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«BORDER CONTROL» Ryo Onishi in Singapore

A very unique topic was chosen by the team for this seminar based on our extensive encounters with Ryo in the last year. «Border Control» represents both the need for firm and decisive defence especially in dangerous situations but also represents the fine control aspect of Systema where clear understanding of ourselves, our opponents and the situation exists. Join us as we bring back our second installation of Ryo Onishi in Singapore!

Finding the Power Within

Systema's continued and deeper focus on finding relaxation and using it to generate power is nothing short of amazing. During this 2-day seminar, Veteran Systema Instructors, Bill and Mark, will share the training methods they are using to explore power generation through relaxation. The goal being for each attendee to leave with deeper understanding of relaxation, the power that can be generated, how to use this power, and training methods for continued study.

David Mundi in Amsterdam

After the 1st seminar of David Mundi (Australia) that was a big succes, we planned the second seminar in Amsterdam. Don't miss out!

Ryo Onishi 4 day Masterclass in Amsterdam

Get ready for a 4 day Masterclass with Ryo Onishi in Amsterdam.

Norbert Tannert- Systema Adaptation

Norbert is the founder of Systema Bonn, Germany, a 22 year special forces veteran, and SWAT instructor. This seminar will focus on real situations and how Systema training can help. Look for emphasis on knife incidents, violent confrontations, & adaptation. A Dan in Ju-Jitsu and Bujinkan Budo Tai-Jutsu, Norbert will share with us how Mikhail and Vladimir transformed and honed his skills. He has a unique ability to distill it down. Experience one of Europe’s best! Register now!

FIGHT VS YOU - The 24 hours of Systema - Day & Night

Immerse yourself in the intensity of our Systema Special - Fight vs You -, a martial experience designed for those who aim for rapid excellence. This unique course challenges you to test your limits of resilience in the face of mental and emotional stress, in varied conditions night and day. Over a period of 24 hours, learning and a complete review of the fundamental principles of Systema, each participant will be immersed in an environment where combat takes on a new dimension.

8 Hour Intensive Seminar - Part four

Unlock your potential in this full range 8 hours seminar series – join our intensive Systema seminar where you'll build health, strength, and combat skills like never before.

Prepare for Reality with Norbert Tannert

On 25/26 November Norbert Tannert will come to the Netherlands to share his knowledge and skills with us. Norbert has been active in training and teaching Systema since 2000. Recently retired from his work at the Police in Germany where he led a unit of the SEK (special unit within the Police of Germany), he was also responsible for providing tactical training within the Police.