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Fighting on the Ground

A seminar focused on groundfights. During this seminar you learn how to keep yourself safe on the ground. We will explore fallbreaks, moving on the ground and fighting on the ground. Learn how to escape from holds and exercise control on the ground.

Difesa personale e psicologia del combattimento

In palestra funziona ma... saprei difendermi in una reale situazione di pericolo? In questo workshop teorico-pratico imparerai alcune nozioni di difesa personale e di psicologia del combattimento che ti aiuteranno a difenderti in caso di attacco. Il programma di questo workshop è unico ed è pensato per farti acquisire alcuni strumenti utili in situazioni di confronto fisico.

10 Year Anniversary Camp

10 Year Anniversary Summer Systema Camp in Wiltshire. Systema is both deep and broad. It takes time to explore its many concepts and practices. From the natural approach to health, movement and martial arts to the breathwork that frees you from tension and fear and fills you with energy and relaxation. Train to open up of your sensitivity to what is going on inside and outside yourself. After a while, you begin to understand that all of these elements.

Structure of Creativity by David Mundi

This seminar aims to explore the principles creative problem-solving with Systema's practical self-defence to enhance one's ability to protect oneself and others in a variety of situations.

Ruben Rivera 2023

From The Ground Up: Everything Gun & Knife. Ruben is an internationally recognized Systema instructor. He was a Special Agent & Tactics Instructor for the DEA for 22 years. He currently supports the defensive tactics program at the US Capital Police. It is a rare opportunity to get personal protection training with someone like Ruben. Firearms, knife, weapons retention, disarm, Systema applications for law enforcement, and police tactics will be covered in depth.

Freedom Within an Immersive Experience

I am very excited to announce the second Immersive Experience seminar. The topic will be Freedom Within. While exploring this topic we willl work in the flow and learn to properly restore ourselves. When you book the entire seminar you can sleep in the dojo. The seminar will include good meals, coffee and fruit.

Path To Freedom - Systema camp

Discover your path to freedom across four days and nights of immersive training. World class instruction from Ryo Onishi of Systema Osaka and David Mundi of H2H Tactics. All inclusive meals, accommodation and transport to and from camp location.

Joe Gehr 2023

This seminar will be a deep dive into gun & knife. Defensive tactics from near, medium and long distances, evasive maneuvers, professional tactics and responsive scenarios. Register now for another great Systema Greenville seminar!

Joe Gehr is founder of Systema Miami & Technon LLC. Born in Columbia he migrated to Israel & become a member of the IDF. He knows security, being responsible for major events such as the Maccabiah Games & has had numerous private personal protection engagements.

An Immersive Systema Experience

This year, we start with a real immersion in Systema. We are going to dive in Systema as a small group this weekend. In this seminar, we move from groundwork to kneeling to standing. We also pay attention to the healing side of Systema breath, massage and movement. The seminar is suitable for anyone interested in movement, breath, martial arts and healing. We will keep the exact program as a surprise, but we will have around 15 training hours.