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Self Defence in Critical situation

“Mr. Ryo Onishi is currently one of the most skilled Systema instructors in the world. His movements are smooth and powerful and his understanding of Systema is profound.
A truly humble warrior, Ryo does not try to show off his skills, but rather acts with integrity and always seeks further knowledge.
Ryo is a talented instructor with a sincere care for his numerous students. I highly recommend for people with any previous experience to train with him.”

Vladimir Vasiliev, July 2016

URBAN KNIFE SURVIVAL - by Brendon Zettler

"A highly valuable investment that will save your life and protect your loved ones."

In 12-hours of premium training, you will discover & expand your perception on:

1. Safety - Awareness & Distance
- Perceiving Real Threats
- Escape from Knife

2. Combat - Precision & Strikes
- Using Knife and Daily Objects
- Strike for Life

Only in Indonesia's center of Culture & Tourism.

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Also available:
*)Additional classes on 24 & 27

Systema Street Fight Topics with Brendon Zettler

This Winter! We are proud to welcome Brendon Zettler from HQ Toronto for the first Time in Austria with a special Seminar. Come and visit Krems in Austria to train in Systema with Brendon ZETTLER, one of Vladimir's top instructors.
2 action-packed days focusing on Street Fight topics!
Attention: this Seminar is limited to 25 participants to allow individual supervision.
Registration: 09:00
Don't miss it and get your ticket now at!

Conflict Management Workshop

Conflict can arise at any time, particularly if you are a professional dealing with the general public. This workshop will give you the tools to manage conflict by focusing on three key areas.

In-depth work on fear control. How to manage fear, deal with apprehension, tension and post-event stress.
Understanding motivations and situations. Dealing with aggression. The psychology of conflict.
Physical actions. Soft work. Close range work. Situational work

on the Knife’s Edge

Lecture and seminar with Norbert Tannert on knife attacks:
Reality and training knife defense


Foundational work in breath, movement, and resilience training. Learn methods of self control under physical and emotional duress. Expand your psychological capabilities and increase your ability to adapt to changing requirements.

Join Senior Instructor Kwan Lee for this in-depth 4.5-hour workshop in Seattle. No experience necessary.


Systema is the only contemporary art that addresses the reality of multiple opponents in a confrontation. Explore proven strategies for prevailing against 2+ opponents with and without weapons, especially against mass attack and crowds.

Join Senior Instructor Kwan Lee for this in-depth 4.5-hour workshop in Seattle. No experience necessary.

Zettler Twins - Fluidity and Power

2-day exploration of Systema principles - from foundational to advanced - with a view to transforming your personal understanding and practice. Themes include:

- enhancing mobility and freedom of movement
- 'opening' the body for vibrant health and explosive power
- developing 'heaviness' in the hands and fists
- dynamic joint breaks and whole-body controls

Advanced early-bird pricing starts at $200 for both days.
20% discount for certified Systema Instructors


Explore the strategies for prevailing against the handgun at various distances and on contact, including movement, disarming, and deployment. (U.S. Citizens and Legal U.S. Residents only)

Join Senior Instructor Kwan Lee for this in-depth 4.5-hour workshop in Seattle. No experience necessary.

Adam & Brendon Zettler - Dynamic Power Seminar Amsterdam


Dynamic power - groundwork, strikes, kicks, knife , stick, multiple attackers and more. This will be a great boost for your martial art training!

Please check our website for more information

South American Boot Camp

Four days in the wild outskirts of Cali training all aspects of Systema. The camp will be given by some of the most important instructors in South America from 5 different countries: Nelson Wagner (Brazil), Sandro Reghellin (Perú), Diego Betous (Argentina), Carlos López Alban (Colombia), Angel Roque Calderón (Ecuador).

Food, accommodations and transport from Cali to the camp are included in the fee.