Seminars by Vladimir Vasiliev

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The Guide to Movement - In-Person Seminar in Osaka, Japan

with Vladimir Vasiliev

Hosted by Systema Osaka

Do you know what creates correct movement?
In this 2-day seminar, discover what are the physical and psychological components of the healthy movements and of the strong combative movements.
• Learn what is it that makes you stop or interrupt your movements
• Develop the skill to keep moving in every situation, especially under stress
• Study how to remove internal and external tension, light tension and heavy tension
• Find out how your fear can set you into correct movement

Review the 4 pillars of Systema: Breathing, Structure, Relaxation and Movement and see how they apply to strikes, escapes, weapons and multiple attackers, to sensitivity, health and calmness.

Instructor renewals and new evaluations will be available at the seminar.

In English and French.

- biomecanic
- movement from the ground
- groundwork & fighting from the ground
- knife work

The key to street fights is complete freedom of movement and thinking. Do not be bound by rules and preconceptions. Your only limitations should be moral ones.

In this 2-day seminar, study with Vladimir what your options and possibilities are. Maximize the potential of your body in a dynamic setting.

Learn to work on the ground and in stand-up confrontations, while unarmed or armed, single and multiple opponents. Transition from big movements to short work, and from physical to internal movements.

Use breath, relaxation, power, and strategy for control in a street fight.

For all levels of experience.

Instructor renewals and new evaluations available at the seminar.

FIGHT SUPREMACY - In-Person Seminar in Toronto

FIGHT SUPREMACY by Vladimir Vasiliev

More information coming soon.

BEST OF HQ TORONTO - In-Person Seminar in Kortrijk, Belgium

Enjoy the special selection of 2017 - 2022 Systema HQ Toronto seminars with Vladimir Vasiliev.

At this comprehensive training event, Vladimir will present the highlights and the insights for each of the selected topics. Experience the variety of Systema elements and gain profound knowledge and skills.

You will progress from the fundamentals to the advanced components of:
• Breathing, Tension, Stress
• Stealth Strikes
• Grips, Counters and Mass Attacks
• Parameters of Power

Previous experience is not required.

Instructor renewals and new evaluations will be available at the seminar.

The Power of Movement - In-Person in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Vladimir Vasiliev, a Systema co-founder, is coming to Brazil for the first time!

What is one invariable solution for all confrontations?
If you are attacked with strikes, holds or weapons, arms or legs, on the ground or upright, on the street, in the car, or indoors, one opponent or many – in all situations, it is most important to MOVE.

In this action-filled 2-day seminar, Vladimir will start from the fundamental principles of Systema and progress you though every element of this incredible art.

• You will study the power of Breathing, Posture, Relaxation, and Natural Movement.
• You will practice to structure your strikes and kicks, to escape and counter tension-free, to disarm and handle weapons with confidence and precision, and to maximize the potential of your body.
• You will develop your sensitivity, awareness and pre-emptive control, and elevate your body and psyche to the new level of health and mastery.

Designed for new students and for experienced fighters.

Instructor renewals and new evaluations will be available at the seminar.

Disarm from Tension - In-Person in Dominican Republic

Your best training vacation. More details coming soon.