Seminars by Vladimir Vasiliev

Regular Online Classes are seminar level presentation and occur twice a week.
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Lightness - 4 Week Course - Online

In English and Japanese.

Vladimir Vasiliev "LIGHTNESS: Move light. Feel the difference."

In this course, discover:
- Why are our movements slow?
- How to lighten our movements.
- How to balance light movements and strong attacks.

With Vladimir's guidance, your movements and your day-to-day life will become lighter.

Previous experience not needed.
The program is designed for solo or partner training.

Dates & Time:
-Japan time (UTC+9)
August 13th, 20th, 27th, and September 3rd from 9:00am-10:30am (Saturday morning)
-Toronto time
August 12th, 19th, 26th, and September 2nd from 8pm-9:30pm (Friday night)
Participation fee:
4 classes - 9,900 yen. 1 class - 2,750 yen.

Tactics of Confrontation - In-Person Seminar

September 10th and 11th, 2022 in Bonn, Germany

Did you know that:
- One way to test yourself for reality is to practice working in unexpected situations.
- The most effective solution for a conflict is both psychological and physical.
- Hesitation and fear have the same origin.

In this seminar, Vladimir will take you step-by-step from simple to complex challenges.

You will work though imaginative scenarios and learn to handle holds, chokes, strikes, weapons, multiple attackers, in standing and on the ground, armed and unarmed.

You will see how to control tension in yourself and your opponents, how to develop a strong and fast body, and how to magnify your awareness and intuition. The training is suitable for new practitioners and for experienced fighters. This is a rare opportunity to learn directly from and train with Vladimir Vasiliev.

Instructor renewals, upgrades and new evaluations will be available at the seminar.

Disarm & Control - In-Person Seminar

In this seminar, learn how to disarm your opponents from all types of attacks and weapons, and how to disarm them from the desire to attack.

- Control movements of the opponents arms, legs and body
- Progress from simple to more interesting work – control of the partner’s attention and emotions
- Create the illusion that the attacker is free to move, yet control them fully

Start with yourself, i.e. understand where your movements are compromised and where your awareness is lacking. When you understand your own abilities, you can then easily see your opponents.

Arm yourself with the weapons that cannot be taken away from you – your knowledge and skill.

Event Timings:
Day 1: 11am – 5pm (Registration from 09:30am)
Day 2: 10am – 4pm (Registration from 09:00am)

Instructor renewals and new evaluations will be available at the seminar.

STRIKES, HOLDS, KNIVES - In-Person Seminar

More details coming soon.

The Guide to Strikes - In-Person Seminar

2-day in-person seminar with Vladimir Vasiliev.

At this exciting event, learn everything you need to deliver and take strikes.
All the scenarios will be studied for the one-on-one confrontations, multiple opponents and mass attacks.

Discover the 6 zones of strike training:
1. Psychological threat
2. Breath to empower striking and to speed up recovery
3. Agility of the body to remove strikes
4. Arms and hands to control and redirect
5. Legs for stability and control
6. Use of somebody or something to protect yourself

Practice how to:
• make your fists and your punches heavy
• heal yourself and your partners from impact
• help your partner escape from strikes and make their own strikes stronger
• work through unique and dynamic scenarios of strikes in a crowd

Instructor renewals and new evaluations will be available at this event.

The Guide to Movement - In-person Seminar

2-day in-person seminar with Vladimir Vasiliev. More details to follow.

Groundwork and Street Fights - In-person Seminar

2-day in-person seminar with Vladimir Vasiliev. More details coming soon.

Enjoy the special selection of 2017 - 2022 Systema HQ Toronto seminars with Vladimir Vasiliev.
Topics include:

  • Breathing, Tension, Stress
  • Stealth Strikes
  • Grips, Counters and Mass Attacks
  • Parameters of Power

Seminar date to be confirmed.