Seminars by Vladimir Vasiliev

Regular Online Classes are seminar level presentation and occur once a week.
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With Vladimir Vasiliev and his team of highly skilled instructors.

ALL INCLUSIVE with Training, Accommodations, Meals and Transportation to campsite.
Discover the master key to your full potential.

Wake up time at 7 AM
Breakfast served at 8:30 AM
Lunch served at 2 PM
Dinner served at 7 PM
Preparation for sleep at 11 PM. These times may vary on the days of night training sessions, arrival, and departure.

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with Vladimir Vasiliev
in English & Japanese.

Learn how these three layers create movement: External, Internal, and Psychological.

September: External relaxation and the movement created by the breath.
October: Internal relaxation and the movement created by the breath.
November: Movement generated by mental relaxation and breathing.

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For all levels of experience.

Toronto dates & time:
Friday, September 13th at 8pm-9:30pm.
Friday, October 25th at 8pm-9:30pm.
Friday, November 22nd at 7pm-8:30pm. *Due to daylight savings.

Japan dates & time:
Saturday, September 14th at 9am-10:30am.
Saturday, October 26th at 9am-10:30am.
Saturday, November 23rd at 9am-10:30am.

Hosted by Systema Japan.

Short Work & Knife Work - In-Person Seminar in Bonn, Germany

2-day in-person seminar with Vladimir Vasiliev.

Did you know that:
- You can prepare for real-life confrontations by practising working in unexpected situations?
- A real physical confrontation usually ends quickly and is not decided by a complicated series of techniques?
- Hesitation and fear have the same origin?
- Knife attacks in public in Germany have – according to the crime statistics for 2023 – increased by 10 % compared to the previous year?

In this seminar, you will be guided step by step from simple to complex challenges.

The focus is on the short, straightforward mastery of various attack scenarios, including attacks with weapons such as knives.

You will learn how to control the tension within yourself and your opponents, how to develop a strong and fast body and how to strengthen your attention and intuition.

The training is suitable for both beginners and experienced fighters.

Instructor renewals and new evaluations will be available at this event.

Movement Masterclass - In-person Seminar in London, England

2-day in-person seminar with Vladimir Vasiliev.

About the topic - A Movement Masterclass:
Two key things that define life are breath and movement. In this seminar, Vladimir will share his understanding of movement.
Most often we get in our own way and lock or block our own potential for healthy, smooth, vital and powerful movement for martial arts and for life.
The Systema approach is unique. It focuses on the four key principles of breathing, relaxation, posture and Movement in order to bring strength, calm, relaxation, power and health to the practitioner.

In this 2 day seminar Vladimir will share:
• Drills & progressions to unlock healthier, smoother & more natural movement.
• How this can be applied to martial arts.
• How to integrate this into daily living for a longer life filled with vitality, health and positivity

Instructor renewals and new evaluations will be available at this event.

The Phoenix Festival - In-Person Festival in Phoenix, Arizona

"Steel Sharpens Steel."

Join some of the highest-level instructors in the world as they explore the fundamentals of close protection, weapons defense, and resilience training. Enjoy 2 days of weapons movement (knife/pistol), crowdwork, streetwise tactics, and next-level calmness and breath training.

No Experience Required. Beginners welcome.

TWO SIDES OF POWER Seminar with Vladimir Vasiliev & Visitor’s Training Week

What are the two sides of power?

The answer is clear – strong health and combative skill.

At this dynamic seminar:
Day 1 will be devoted to all Systema health practices – a complete variety of breathwork, massage and rejuvenating exercises.
Day 2 will be the study of all the combative elements – strikes, escapes, groundwork, short work, weapons and multiple opponents.

The goal of this thorough and exciting seminar is to create a powerful warrior with a resilient, agile & healthy body, strong & stable psyche, and top-level fighting skills.

Breathwork Instructor Certifications will be renewed for all in-person participants at no extra charge. New evaluations also available.

For all levels of experience. Instructor renewals and evaluations available at this event.

Paris Seminar with Vladimir Vasiliev

More details coming soon.

Tokyo Seminar with Vladimir Vasiliev

Hosted by Systema Japan.

More information coming soon.