How to Join

All you need is to come to any regularly scheduled class. Please come a few minutes before the class begins. NO APPOINTMENT IS REQUIRED. You will need sweat pants and T-shirt for training, no shoes, socks are optional.

The introductory fee for adult classes is $20 - it includes any two classes (each class is 1 hour and a half in duration).

It is very important to try a couple of classes before starting the regular training. This is because the methods of Russian Martial Art training are very different from the traditional approach!

Once you have experienced the training, and made sure that this is what you are looking for, you would join the regular training program. Most of our members take one-year programs, however, many other arrangements are possible. For your regular training, you are not assigned to the particular classes; you may take classes at different times and days each week.

The fees are based on the average number of classes taken per week, and are very reasonable and flexible. Most people take between 2 and 5 classes per week, and it works out to be just between $5 and $12 per class. If you are only taking one class the drop-in fee is $20 Canadian payable prior to the class (or the equivalent in US or Euros).

Please note that due to the unique Russian Martial Art methodology, there are no beginner versus advanced classes. All classes are open to everyone. The training is designed in such a way that every level of skill receives extremely beneficial practice and achieves quick results.

Since the first day the school was established in 1993, the atmosphere at the school has always been open, friendly and highly productive. We look forward to seeing you soon!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call is at 905-881-4711 or email: