Head Instructors

Mikhail Ryabko
Colonel of the Special Operations Unit with the Russian Military, Director and Chief Instructor of Systema Headquarters, Moscow

Mikhail Ryabko was trained from the age of five and involved in combative training from the age of fifteen. He worked in militia in RF Ministry of Interior Security Department, trained the Minister's security guards. He was a tactical commander of hostage-rescue teams, counter-terrorist operations, and armed criminal neutralization. Mikhail resides in Moscow, holds the rank of Colonel and was an assistant to RF General Prosecutor. He is a veteran of military actions and veteran of labor. He has been in numerous military campaigns and holds many medals and awards from the government and from the Russian Orthodox Church.

April 2023 Update:
The legendary Colonel Mikhail Ryabko, Systema founder, has passed away in April 2023. We mourn a huge loss to the world and the biggest loss to all of Systema and the Vasiliev family. Mikhail was the light and power in our lives, an inexhaustible source of knowledge for Systema. He has been guiding, healing, and inspiring everyone around him. It was a true honour and privilege to build Systema together, and to have a life-long close friendship with this great warrior and teacher. The Warriors Legacy Scholarship Fund has been established to commemorate the tradition of strong spirit, profound knowledge, and dedication to training.

Vladimir Vasiliev
Director and Chief Instructor of Systema Headquarters, Toronto

Born in Russia, Vladimir Vasiliev received intense combative training and profound Systema training from Mikhail Ryabko. Vladimir moved to Canada, and in 1993 founded the first school of Russian Martial Art outside Russia - Systema Headquarters. He has since personally trained and certified well over 600 qualified Russian Martial Art Systema instructors and schools in over 40 countries worldwide, and has produced an Award-Winning instructional film collection. Vladimir holds a number of government medals and awards including the Russian "Order of Duty and Honor" and the "Order of Loyalty". He offers regular training at his school in Toronto, at international seminars and camps and through Systema video program.