Systema Schools of Russian Martial Art

Systema Russian Martial Art has over 250 affiliate schools and instructors across the world.

Only the schools listed on this page are currently certified and recognized to teach Systema as presented by Vladimir Vasiliev and Mikhail Ryabko.

All schools are run by instructors that have successfully completed their certification through training with Vladimir Vasiliev. All affiliate instructors have received their certification as well. Certification grants each instructor the ability to teach Russian Martial Art. But the curriculum of instruction may vary within each school and with each of the instructors.

The Toronto School of Russian Martial Art and Vladimir Vasiliev are not responsible for the methods of delivery of instruction as provided by any of the affiliates. Affiliates may also offer additional instruction in other styles of martial art. Please contact each school and instructor to learn more of their respective curriculum, fees, and schedules.

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** *Systema USA Seattle, WA United States

Seattle, WA United States

Instructor(s):Kwan Lee

- One of the top senior instructors of Systema for Vladimir Vasiliev

- Training and teaching Systema since 2001

- Over 25 years of Martial Arts experience

** North Sound Systema Lynnwood, WA United States

Lynnwood, WA United States

Instructor(s):Doc Skidmore

- Over 20 years of martial arts experience
- Training in Systema since 2006 with Vladimir Vasiliev and affiliated instructors
- Teaching Systema and directing our own school since 2014

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