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A page on Systema…
by William Martino

Systema is off the charts, outside the box...etc. Here is a martial art that truly represents the heart, mind and soul of the warrior.

  I've dabbled in so many systems for so long beginning with boxing at 8 years old. My first real impression of a good warrior was from the Kung Fu TV series. Here's a guy that won't hurt a fly, is loving and gentle, yet wow can he kick butt when called to. This led me to look into Kung Fu and Aikido. My sources simply weren't able to deal with the harshness of real life situations. I'd try again and again to participate in local martial arts schools yet, I all too often find too much fantasy about dealing with the real world of violence. So, years pass and I figure out that military type styles get it done and MMA has awesome skills; however, all too often the right spirit is missing and without that I've become convinced our survivability is low. The Spirit is truly the most important element and the techniques must be geared to reality. I learn what I can from military and MMA, martial sources but don't find the type of 'real life' mentoring I need. Too often I come across real turn offs of personality and become uncomfortable. Maybe I'm too critical but each of us really needs psychological guidance in dealing with a subject that has the whole world in a grip of shock: violence.

  So, where are the true warriors? In my search I found a few.   

  Namely, Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev. From these two, a whole world of other great spirited true warriors has opened up for me. Right here on YouTube, available in schools and workshops worldwide. What a gift. Thank You.

  Systema is like the secret inner stuff of Aikido, Kung Fu and Tai Chi applied in reality. No fluff, no forms, no silliness. Just clear understanding and devastating techniques that penetrate further than virtually every system out there. These instructors have the strength to deal with what you bring them. They train us at our level and care for the health of our psyches which is the only source in life. Be it success in our relationships, finances and the battlefield. This system is making me so much more effective, not only as a fighter but as a person as well.

My hats off and heartfelt thanks to Mr. Ryabko, Mr. Vasiliev and the Systema family.

About the Author: William Martino is a former Zen monk and head of security for the legendary guru of the Beatles, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. William can be reached at: wmartino108@gmail.com